The Glass Skin


The Glass Skin: 20th June - 12th July


The Gallery at London Glassblowing is delighted to announce The Glass Skin, a showcase of work featuring artists who utilise the optical qualities of glass through a range of coldworking processes, adding surface pattern and texture to the blown form.


The defiantly decorative work of Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones seeks to explore the vessel as a container of far more than just space and substance. Sarah Wiberley takes inspiration from English 19th century cameo glass and harnesses familiar decorative motifs from nature, giving them a modern twist. Amanda Notarianni will be showing her plankton-inspired blown forms, whilst Charlie Macpherson’s expressively fluid shapes explore line and pattern. Alison Kinnaird will be showing her precise studies of the human figure, using the 2,000 year old technique of copper wheel engraving.


Above image: Sarah Wiberley, Wallpaper Series. Photo: Ester Segarra



Sarah Wiberley, Cameo Series. Photo: Ester Segarra


Amanda Notarianni, Isolation


Charlie Macpherson, Silver Leaf Series [1] 



Gillies Jones, selected pieces from the Landscape Studies series. Photo: Pete Chambers


Watch the video below for an insight into the collaborative working practice of Gillies & Jones. 


Alison Kinnaird, Female Study


Watch the video below for an insight into Alison Kinnaird's work:


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