11.09.15 - 17.10.15

London Glassblowing is proud to present Synergy, our final themed exhibition of 2015, which showcases a range of boundary pushing collaborations between artists, materials and techniques. 

The show features twenty award-winning glass artists, who have either collaborated directly with other renowned practitioners, combined two or more glassmaking techniques or engaged with various media - from cast bronze and maple stems, to silk thread and found objects.

The results are challenging and inspiring, taking the artists out of their comfort zones and beyond the limitations of their usual practice.

To enquire about any of the works you see here, or to see more available works by any of the artists, please get in touch: 
+44 (0)207 403 2800




John Burton

Above: John Burton, Reluctant Connection II, Blown glass, cut & polished with matt bevels. UV Glued. Approx dimensions: H12.5 x W20.5 x D18cm / H5 x W8 x D7in. £1,180 / $1820


Hanne Enemark & Louis Thompson

Above: Hanne Enemark & Louis Thompson, Composition of Small Penumbra, Free blown glass with glass cane inclusions. H:20-33cm, W:15-23cm, D:10-13cm. £1450 each, £11,200 for the group, including bespoke light box.


Gillies Jones 
(Stephen Gillies & Kate Jones)

Above: Gillies Jones, Landscape Study, Gold over Heather, 2015. Cameo Engraved Blown glass. Approx dimensions: H15cm Diameter 24cm / H6in x Diameter 9.4in. £1240 / $1910.

Watch the video above to see Gillies Jones in action.


Sheila Ghelani and Louis Thompson

Above: Sheila Ghelani and Louis Thompson, Bank, Free blown glass vessels containing weeds and soil taken from the banks of the Thames. Small/Medium £295, Large £375. Dimensions variable: Tallest: 70cm High, 11cm Diameter, Smallest: 14cm High, 21cm Diameter.


Peter Hayes

Above: Peter Hayes, Glass "Boat", Approx dimensions, H45 x W50cm / H17.7 x 19.7in. £1080 / $1665.


Richard Jackson & Sally Fawkes 

Above: Sally Fawkes & Richard Jackson, Sentient Exchange. Cast, polished, carved, engraved, painted, mirrored glass and painted wood. Approx dimensions: H60.5 x W21.0 x D18.5 cm / H23.8 x W8.2 x D7.2 in. £8400 / $12960. 

Peter Layton

Above: Peter Layton, Mistletoe, Large blown roll top Arrival of Spring bowl with patinated bronze. In collaboration with Witold Dziubak of the South London Foundry. 20cm diameter x 28cm high / 7.8 inches diameter x 11 inches high. GBP: £3,200 / USD: $4938



Sophie Layton & Tim Rawlinson

Above: Sophie Layton & Tim Rawlinson, Polyhedra, Wall mounted piece consisting of cut and assembled wooden triangles with a transferred print. Imagery photographed through glass apertures. 102cm H x 88cm wide x 10cm deep, £3900



Bruce Marks & Cathryn Shilling

Above: Bruce Marks & Cathryn Shilling, Rock Pool, Hot worked glass cane, kilnformed, 47cm x 32cm x 4cm, £2,600


Laura McKinley

Above: Laura McKinley, TriviumFree blown glass, hot fused, cut and polished with silver nitrate, 18x23x13cm, £1200


Nick Mount

Above: Nick Mount, Black striped Geometric Fruit- A Still Life #041113, 2013. Blown glass, surface worked, Walnut stem. Approx: 46cm high x 26cm wide x 26cm deep / 18.1 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches. GBP: £3700 / USD: $5690

Watch the video above to learn more about Nick Mount's practice.



Jochen Ott

Above: Jochen Ott, Islands, Cast glass from the furnace, wheel carved, cut and polished with 23ct red gold. Dimensions: 25 x 24 x 5 cm / 9.8 x 9.4 x 2 in. GBP: £2490 / USD: $3837. 

Layne Rowe


Above: Layne Rowe, Opuris Basket, Cane roll up, blown, cut and cup cased, 35 x 35 x 35cm / 13.7 x 13.7 x 13.7 in. GBP: £3,500 / USD: £5400

Ayse Simsek & Heike Brachlow

Above: Ayse Simsek & Heike Brachlow, Optic Winding I (left) and Optic Winding II (right). H14 x W14 x D3.5cm / H5.5 x W5.5 x D1.3in. £1080 / $1665 each.


Vezzini & Chen
(Cristina Vezzini and Chen Sheng Tsang)

Above: Vezzini & Chen, Geo Light, Glassblowing / Slip casting / engraving. 20-25cm in diameter (7.8 - 9.8 in). GBP: £650 / USD: $1003. 


Above: Vezzini & Chen, Dive in, Bone china, Glass, LED light, MDF (optional). 80 x 150 x 7cm / 31.5 x 59 x 2.7in. Price: to follow. Custom size installations available upon request.



Anthony Scala

Above: Anthony Scala, ParticleHot glass core with cast glass, laminated, cut and polished on a rotating stainless steel base. 19cm High x 15cm wide 15cm deep, £7,600. Available to commission.


Cathryn Shilling

Above: Cathryn Shilling, Straddling the Stratosphere, (composite image showing two angles). Kiln formed glass with dichroic on a ceramic base. (Base made by George Jackson) 45cm x 45cm x 20cm high / 17.7in x 17.7in x 7.8in high. GBP: £3,250 / USD: $5,011.


Takako Shimizu

Above:  Takako Shimizu, Ophelia, Material: Vitreous glass tiles, Beads. Base: Metal armature, Cement. Dimensions: 35cm(H) X 27cm (W) X 15cm (D) (13.7 x 10.6 x 5.9 in). GBP: £6850 / USD: $10530



Richard Slee 

Above: Richard Slee, Torch, 2013. Blown glass & torch. H28 x W10 x D6.5cm / H11 x W4 x D2.5in. Price to follow. Made with James Maskrey at the National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland.


Watch the video above to hear Grayson Perry discuss his respect and admiration for Richard Slee. 


Rachael Woodman

Above: Rachael Woodman, Blue Infinity, Free blown shallow tray with applied rim trail containing three blown elements with colour overlay and battuto cut surface. 32cm diameter / 16.6in diameter. £6240 / $9627. Photo courtesy of Adrian Sassoon.


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