Summer Open House & Sale

17.07.15 - 26.07.15 

Summer Open House & Sale

17.07.15 - 26.07.15 

Whether you are starting your collection, adding to it, or looking for that perfect gift for a special occasion, the UK’s foremost glassblowing studio & gallery is the must-visit destination this summer.

Watch our talented team demonstrate the incredible art of glassblowing and view a range of studio pieces at generously reduced prices. We also continue to support the Own Art scheme which enables purchases to be spread interest free over the year. Watch the Video above to see our studio team in action and get a sense of what you can witness here at the studio! As well as work by Peter Layton, there will also be a range of work from our in-house team or resident glass artists.

Throughout this Open House event, you will also receive a £50 gift voucher with any purchase worth £300 or over. Full terms at the bottom of this page.

Open House & Sale Details

17.07.15 - 26.07.15 

Mon-Sat, 10:00-18:00
Sunday during Open House, 11:00-17:00
Glassblowing can generally be seen between the hours of 10:30-13:00 & 14:00-16:30.

Above, Peter Layton, Purple Paradiso Flared Vase

Above: Peter Layton, Reef series

Above, Peter Layton, Pink Tahiti Dropper


Studio Pieces & Gallery Pieces: an explanation

Our ‘Studio’ pieces represent extremely high quality pieces of free blown glass, which for one reason or another do not qualify as being extraordinary ‘Gallery’ pieces which are classed as being museum calibre. We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high standards, so on many occasions the deciding factors are often only perceptible by Peter Layton and our own eagle-eyed team who judge all the works. The 'grading' of Studio pieces can be largely subjective and our Studio pieces are truly spectacular and loved by our customers.

The determining factors can be wide and varied, and include elements such as tiny fragments of ash picked up during the making process or a slightly undesired outcome in terms of colourway or shape or a small surface blister. Whilst we don’t consider bubbles to be a flaw, this is dependent on a piece by piece basis and judged on whether they are significantly detrimental to the overall design.

Our ‘Studio’ pieces can also include developmental works and test pieces, which are often beautiful in their own right, but may not have achieved the desired result that the artist had in mind.

We do not class our Studio Pieces as ‘seconds’ and have gone to great lengths to offer an affordable selection of free blown glass by Peter Layton and our team of resident artists.

Watch the Video below to learn more about the excellent Own Art scheme.


View the map below to plan your route.


You will receive a £50 voucher when you spend £300 or more during our Open House and Sale, either in the gallery or online.  The voucher is valid from 01/08/2015 until 19/12/2015, and is redeemable on a purchase over £250, either in person at the Gallery, or over the phone if purchasing online.


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