Peter Layton - Exclusive COLLECT Artist Profile

It’s clear to all who come into contact with Peter Layton that he’s dedicated every minute of his adult life to glass. But does he still get the buzz of preparing for a big show? You’d better believe it...

“That magic moment when everything comes together is what it’s all about,” he says, eyes smiling.

“Of course, no matter how many years of experience you have, the last few days in the run up to a big show is always fraught.”

Has he encountered any problems pulling together his exhibits for this year’s Collect?

“I’ve got some new work on the go but it’s a metal and glass combination and unfortunately the metalwork is a bit behind schedule. I’ve put a huge amount of time into researching and testing but I’m not convinced yet by what I’ve achieved so it’s going to be a last-minute call on whether it makes it to Collect or not.

“The other pieces are ready to go and were, in the main, inspired by Vetro - one of our most successful exhibitions ever. I’m particularly proud of the Burano works as the light enables them to play some fascinating tricks on the eye.”

Dubbed the grandmaster of glass, Peter is always one of the main attractions at Collect and he enjoys the moment his gallery’s in the spotlight.

“Collect is the biggest investment we make each year and a tremendous amount of work goes into the show. The studio has been a hive of activity with artists on one side developing their work and others helping to get all the plinths packed up.

“I’m incredibly proud of the artists here and what they have done for Collect 2015. I will get the full impact when I see the stand in all its glory but what I have seen so far has been thrilling.

“My whole raison d’etre, my entire focus has been on promoting the glass scene,” he says proudly. “Whether it’s producing works, setting up a gallery, developing future talent or sitting on important committees, everything I’ve done has been constant promotion for our industry. It’s nice when it all comes together.”

- Interviewed in London, April 2015



Above: Peter Layton, Red Burano Sailform Pair, Free blown glass
Dimensions (approximate): Left: 39 cm High and Right: 46 cm high (15.3 in / 18.1 in)
Left: GBP: £2,900 / USD: $4442 / EUR: €4046 
Right: GBP: £3,200 / USD: $4902 / EUR: €4467  

Pair: GBP: £5,600 / USD: $8579 / EUR: €7818 (Approx currency conversions) 

Enquire about these pieces:
 +44 (0) 207 403 2800 


Above: Peter Layton, Arrival of Spring Thick Bowl (Extra Large), Free blown glass
Dimensions (approximate): 32 cm wide (12.6 in)
GBP: £3100 / USD: $4747 / EUR: €4329 (Approx currency conversions) 

Enquire about this piece:
 +44 (0) 207 403 2800 



Above: Peter Layton, Harlequin Tall Stoneform, Free blown glass
Dimensions (approximate): 35 cm high (13.77 in)
GBP: £2900 / USD: $4464 / EUR: €4055 (Approx currency conversions) 

Enquire about this piece:
 +44 (0) 207 403 2800 


Above: Peter Layton, Turquoise Glacier Ovoid, Free blown glass
Dimensions (approximate): 31cm H x 28cm D (12.2 in x 11 in)
GBP: £2500 / USD: $3849 / EUR: €3495 (Approx currency conversions) 

Enquire about this piece:
 +44 (0) 207 403 2800 



Peter Layton at Collect 2014, discussing work by the resident artists at London Glassblowing. Image courtesy Crafts Council, photo by Sophie Mutevelian


Peter Layton with Helmut Hundstorfer, working in Lucerne in 1981. 



Watch the video above to see Peter Layton discussing his VETRO work.


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