Lot 59 Turquoise Paradiso Developmental Bowl


Lot 59

Turquoise Paradiso Developmental Bowl

Extra-Extra Large


"The period of experimentation for ‘Paradiso’

was an exciting time for myself, and my team.

Not only were we pushing the boundaries in

terms of colour application, but we delighted

in seeing how these incredibly intricate patterns

influenced the form the glass took. This organic

bowl is one of the most dramatic studies in form

which emerged from that experimental period.

The piece alone is vast, but has also been

allowed to stretch and pull in a way dictated

by the pattern. The result is a breathtaking,

absolutely unique piece. A first class example

of pattern influencing form." 

Dimensions: H 25 x W 49 x D 38 cm


Gallery Price £3250

Reserve Price £2500



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