Lot 58 Ebbtide Organic Stoneform


Lot 58

Extra Tall Ebbtide

Organic Stoneform


"As an artist I know it is undiplomatic to

show favouritism towards certain pieces.

Like children, we are expected to love

them all equally. However, with a piece of

this quality, the rule of equal affection goes

out the window! This monumental ‘Ebbtide’

Stoneform has come from my own private

collection, and is one of the hardest pieces

I have ever had to relinquish. To say that

the piece is ‘perfect in every respect’ may

not quite do it justice. The pattern is an

absolutely flawless example of Ebbtide,

and the form is sumptuous, almost figurative

in its composition. I shall deeply miss this piece,

but cannot be selfish. It is high time someone

else derived as much pleasure from owning it

as I have." 


Dimensions: H 44 x W 24 x 8 cm



Gallery Price £2800




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