Lot 50 Garrowby Platter


Lot 50

Garrowby Platter


"Back in 2003, Anish Kapoor exhibited a breathtaking

work at the Tate Modern. The piece was called ‘Marsyas’.

150 metres long, 10 stories high, and clad in a single bright

red PVC membrane, the piece utterly enveloped you, both

physically and psychologically. This experimental platter

dates from many years after that infamous exhibition of

Anish Kapoor’s work, but I cannot help thinking whether

that epic sculpture has been the unconscious inspiration

behind many of my latter designs. The sumptuous band

of red snaking through the centre of this Garrowby

platter can definitely be said to be Kapoorish in influence."


Dimensions: H 10 x W 37 x D 28 cm


Gallery Price £1560

Reserve Price £1100


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