Lot 48 Green Paradiso Developmental Cylinder



Lot 48

Green Paradiso Developmental Cylinder


"In the early days of my experimentation

into the Paradiso colour palette, I liked to

play with form as well as pattern. In many

cases I instructed my team to really push

the boundaries of conventional form almost

to breaking point. This cylinder is just such

an experiment. The pattern is an early

version of Green Paradiso. However, it is

the unusual dimensions of this cylinder

which make it extraordinary. It is extremely

slender and elegant. Far taller and thinner

than any cylinder we had ever made.

Coupled with the temperamental nature

of the Paradiso pattern, this cylinder was

a extremely challenging piece to make."


Dimensions: H 39 x W 7.5 x D 7.5 cm


Gallery Price £1250

Reserve £850



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