Lot 29 Arrival of Spring Thick Cylinder


Lot 29

Arrival of Spring

Thick Cylinder


“This cylinder is an absolute ‘One Off’! The pattern is called

‘Arrival of Spring’, and was my answer to a request from

the Royal Academy to accompany their recent exhibition

of new work by David Hockney. However, what makes this

piece ‘one of a kind’ is the shear weight of glass used in

its making. The walls of the cylinder are 2cm thick, which

in turn create an optical lensing effect which really defines

the pattern. The top- of the cylinder has also been cut,

and polished in order to accentuate the thickness of the piece. 

Photography does not do this piece justice - it needs to be

viewed to be fully appreciated.”



Dimensions: H 22 x W 12 x D 12 cm

Gallery Price £1260

Reserve Price £890


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