Jochen Ott - Exclusive COLLECT Artist Profile

Jochen’s eyes widen when he explains that Collect 2015 is “a massive opportunity”...

Yet showcasing his deeply carved and beautifully cut translucent glass sculptures to such a discerning audience is what gives this Cologne-born artist sleepless nights.

So when did he start thinking about his work for this year’s show?

“Pretty much on the final day of last year’s show,” he smiles. “You always think a year is plenty of time to pull something together but it never happens that way. My schedule is pretty crazy and there is so much going on so it’s always best to get going straight away.”

Jochen started experimenting last September and then began focusing on what he was going to display.

“For this year I’m expanding on a body of work which has already been quite successful for me,” he says. “There is always plenty to get out of a certain theme - some people spend their whole lives working on one theme alone - and so I’ve developed my series called ‘Changes’ which I’m really pleased with.”

Now showing for the third year running, Jochen says the buzz around Collect is the highlight of the calendar.

“Selling something at Collect 2013 was a huge confidence boost. Two months after the show had finished I’d sold everything I’d shown.”

So who gives the final verdict on whether a certain piece makes the grade for Collect?

“There is an amazing community in the studio so I’ll ask the other artists what they think but I’m my own worst critic really,” Jochen admits.

“Ultimately the audience at Collect will have the final say!”

- Interviewed in London, April 2015


Above: Jochen Ott, Changes, Free blown glass blown, cut, etched and polished Dimensions (approx): 20 cm H x 18 cm D x 18 cm W (7.8 in x 7 in x 7 in)
GBP: £2800 / USD: $4293 / EUR: €3911 (Approx currency conversions) 

Enquire about this piece:
 +44 (0) 207 403 2800 


Above: Jochen Ott, Changes, Free blown glass, cut, etched and polished
Dimensions (approx): 24 cm H x 12 cm W x 12 cm D (9.44 in x 4.7 in x 4.7 in)
GBP: £2300 / USD: $3527 / EUR: €3213 (Approx currency conversions)

Enquire about this piece:
 +44 (0) 207 403 2800  


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