Financial Times Limited Edition Baubles


We are delighted to have collaborated with the FT on their Christmas video this year, which has resulted in the creation of the special limited edition bauble you can see below! The striking pink and white design was created by the FT Weekend team with the help of our resident artist Bruce Marks. Using the original bauble as inspiration, the London Glassblowing team set about refining and perfecting the design, resulting in this limited run of free-blown baubles. 

Each bauble was beautifully hand crafted at Peter Layton's studio near London Bridge - one of the oldest hot-glass studios in Europe.

Click here to purchase one of the FT baubles >>>


Our resident glass artist Bruce Marks assisting Serena Tarling in adding powdered colour to the transparent molten glass. 


Hannah Bishop and Bruce Marks marvering the glass on the end of the blowing iron. 


Nathan Brooker creating the air bubble! 


Saskia Rumbelow and Bruce admire the nearly finished bauble! 

All studio photos © Victoria Birkinshaw


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