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Above image: Ashraf Hanna, Ripple series 35x28x11cm. Ashraf Hanna received 'Best in Show' at the British Glass Biennale 2015 for his piece 'Untitled 1/2014'. GBP: £4900 / USD: $7580


Essence 2015: 7 - 29 August

Following this year’s British Glass Biennale, London Glassblowing is delighted to present Essence 2015, the only London showing of over thirty highlights from this prestigious exhibition.

This exciting show features all the main prize winners, including Ashraf Hanna and Ruth Shelley; established artists such as David Reekie, Emma Woffenden and Amanda Simmons and the recipients of the London Glassblowing Emerging Talent Award, Harry Morgan and Cara Louise Walker.


To enquire about any of the works you see here, please get in touch: 
+44 (0)207 403 2800 


Margaret Alston

Above: Art in Action Award for Contemporary Glass Winner: Margaret Alston, Large White Pâte de Verre, relief bands / 2014, Lead glass; pâte de verre, 13.7 x 14.8 cm. Photo: Mark Wood. GBP: £3960 / USD: $6125.



Vic Bamforth

Above: Vic Bamforth, Cool but Hot XIXb, Furnace glass and onglaze enamels; free blown hand painted Graal vessel, 38x12cm. GBP: £3840 / USD: $5985



Scott Benefield

Above: Scott Benefield, Lattimo 2. Glass, wood; glasblowing. 

Watch the video above for an insight into Scott Benefield's working practice. 



Juli Bolaños-Durman

Juli Bolaños-Durman, Ode to Intuición series, Set 5, 2013. Found and blown glass; engraving. 20x9cm approx. per piece. GBP: £940 each / USD: $1455 each



Karen Browning

 Above: Karen Browning, Claude's Mirror Crack'd, cast and polished glass; gilding, 2014. Approx: 36x36x3cm. Photo: Simon Bruntnell. GBP: £2400 / USD: $3715



Erin Dickson

Above: Erin Dickson, What were the skies like when you were young? Waterjet cut glass, 50x50x20cm. GBP: £4320 / USD: $6735.



Rachel Mary Elliott

Above: Rachel Mary Elliott, Fragile Entomology (Section), Kiln-formed glass powder, beeswax & pine. 11x11x5cms. Photo by Rich Jobling. GBP: £600 / USD: $940



Hanne Enemark & Louis Thompson

Above: Hanne Enemark & Louis Thompson, Panicum in Aquamarine, Blown glass with glass inclusions. Approx. 50cm H. Photo: Ester Segarra. GBP: £3240 / USD: $5010.


Watch the video above to learn more about the collaborative series Panicum by Hanne Enemark and Louis Thompson.



Gillies Jones (Stephen Gillies & Kate Jones)

Above: Gillies Jones, Blue over Red Cameo Engraved Blown Glass Bowl, H15cm Diameter 30cm. Photo: P Chambers. GBP: £2840 / USD: $4410.

Watch the video above to learn more about Gillies Jones.



Haley Haddow

Above: Glass Sellers’ Art & Craft Student Award Winner: Haley Haddow, Orinoco Flow 1 / 2014, Glass; kiln formed, sand carved and slumped, 20 x 26 x 18cm. Photo: Sylvain Deleu. GBP: £625 / USD: $970




Shelley James

Above: Shelley James, Polytope series, Rhombicuboctahedron (Detail), Hot glass and print, 2015. Approx 13cm in diameter. Photo: Ester Segarra. GBP: £4700 / USD: $7270.

Watch the video above to learn more about Shelly James' working practice.



Angela Jarman

Above: Angela Jarman, Purple Star Coral / 2015. Lost wax cast, ground and polished with 12ct white gold gilding. 16.5x25x32cm. Photo A.C.Cooper. GBP: £5760 / USD: $9000. 



Geoffrey Mann

Above: Geoffrey Mann, The Secret Life of Shadows, Natural Occurrence series / 2015. Kiln Cast Glass. (Left to Right approx cm dimensions) 30 x 15 x 39 / 20 x 16 x 36 / 16 x 17 x 31. Photo: Sylvain Deleu. Set of three pieces plus animation installation, GBP: £33,000 / USD: $51,200.




James Maskrey

Above: James Maskrey, GBP: £1015 / USD: $1570 


Harry Morgan

The London Glassblowing Emerging Talent Award. Winner: Harry Morgan, 'Entropy Study 3', 2014 Concrete & Glass, 40 x 20 x 20 cm, 22kg, Photographed by Simon Bruntnell. GBP: £1515 / USD: $2345.



Rosa Nguyen

Above: Rosa Nguyen, Life on a Stick, 2012. Glass, porcelain, wood; lampwork mouth blown, sandblasted and engraaved glass, glazed porcelain, whittled wood. 67 x 17 x 15cm. Photo: Angela Moore. GBP: £1680 / USD: $2620.


Watch the video above for an insight into Rosa Nguyen's working practice. 



Linda Norris

Above: Linda Norris, Bonne Mama / 2013. Glass jar, coin, tooth, acrylic thread; engraving. 9.5x8.5x8.5cm. Photo: Linda Norris. GBP: £720 / USD: $1130. 



Jochen Ott

Above: Jochen Ott, Brother and Sister / 2014. Cast glass, cut polished and carved. 25x24x5cm. Photo: Ester Segarra. GBP: £2200 / USD: $3440. 



Kevin Petrie

Above: Kevin Petrie, China Sketch Book (12 piece version) / 2013. Glass; iPad drawings digitally printed onto glass. 150x150x2cm. Photo: David Williams. GBP: £1200 (for the set) / USD: $ 1872 (for the set) 



David Reekie

Above: David Reekie, Dragon Boy II / 2011, 38H x30W x17D cm. Glass, enamel, brass pegs and sheet lead on base; cast and lost wax, cast glass, applied glass pieces. GBP: £8,400 / USD: $13,120



Bruno Romanelli 

Above: Bruno Romanelli, Phact, Glass; lost wax, 45 x 29 x 13cm, £7200, Photo by Andy Smart, AC Cooper. 


Watch the video above to learn more about Bruno Romanelli's working practice. 



Ruth Shelley

Above: Ruth Shelley, Indian Intarsia / 2014. Bullseye glass; fused, slumped through aperture, sandblasted, 11.5 x 16 x 27cm. Photo: Haydn Denman. GBP: £900 / USD: $1395.



Cathryn Shilling

Above: Cathryn Shilling, Cloaked in White, Hecuba. 60cm high x 20cm wide x 17cm deep. Photo: Ester Segarra. GBP: £2950 / USD: $4610

Watch the video above to learn more about Cathryn Shilling's working practice.



Amanda Simmons

 Above: Amanda Simmons, Dahlia Universe (duo vessel set) 2014, Glass; kiln formed, glass powder, gravity slumped vessel forms, sandblasted. 28 x 28 x 19cm. GBP: £1440 for the pair or £795 each. USD: $2225 for the pair or $1230 each.





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