COLLECT 2015 & GATHER 2015

April 24th - 30th May, 2015

To coincide with our participation in COLLECT, London Glassblowing is proud to present GATHER, which runs at our Bermondsey Street gallery from the April 24th-30th of May. This excellent satellite show will present examples of the very best museum-quality work by the same group of artists exhibited by London Glassblowing at COLLECT, with the addition of notable up-and-coming names on the glass art scene such as Elliot Walker.

If you are unable to visit COLLECT 2015, then GATHER is the perfect opportunity to take in the stunning work at a date that suits you. 


Click on the menu below to jump straight to the full artist profiles, including videos, interviews and brand new work. 


Peter Layton

"The work I am showing this year was, in the main, inspired by the theme of one of our most successful exhibitions, VETRO, in which we explored the Venetian influence. I am particularly pleased with the lacy effects in my new Burano series and the spatial and reflective qualities within each piece."  Click here to read the full interview with Peter Layton >>

Above image: Peter Layton, Red Burano Sailform Pair, 39cm and 29cm tall, £2,900 & £2,800 or £5,300 for the pair. Photo: Ester Segarra


Hanne Enemark & Louis Thompson 

"Our intrigue lies in how these intricate and fragile internal structures contradict the calm surface of the glass form that encapsulates this magical and energetic inner world..." Click here to read the full interview >>

Above image: Hanne Enemark & Louis Thompson, Penumbra (group), Blown glass with glass cane inclusions.
Left to Right: Penumbra (Chartreuse and White), H32 x W41 x D20 cm
Penumbra (Salmon and White), H55 x W25 x D15 cm
Penumbra (Light Turquoise and White), H31 x W38 x D20 cm
Penumbra (Silver Grey and White), H49 x W27 x D15 cm

£3500 each. Photo: Ester Segarra

Anthony Scala

"For a lot of glassblowers, cold working is their least favourite bit. It’s painstaking, onerous, meticulous and takes hours upon hours. Yet it’s much more than just cutting, grinding and polishing, and my pieces for COLLECT will reveal that there is so much more to this stage than meets the eye..." Click here to read the full interview >> 

Above: Anthony Scala, Record Keepers, Optical Glass Sculptures with Glass Stoppers, 7cm x 7cm  x 7cm, £1600 each, Photo: Ester Segarra


Bruce Marks

"I look at artists like Brancusi whose sculptures were the ultimate in simplicity and feel that approach resonates through my work. I’ve found a new freedom with colour and expression this year and hopefully that will bring a new audience to my work..." Click here to read the full interview >>

Above: Bruce Marks, Fish, Free blown glass, carved and etched, 39cm tall, £1450 Photo: Ester Segarra

Cathryn Shilling

"Each of the pieces in my Cloaked series has far too much personality just to be a theme. I wasn’t trying to force a personality or a name but when I looked at the first piece I made it was clear he was a Roman general. Yet he’d been through something - he was standing really tall and proud but was dishevelled and broken. I named him Coriolanus..." Click here to read the full interview >> 

Above: Cathryn Shilling, Cloaked in White - Jocasta, Free blown glass with kilnformed glass cane fabric applied hot. 60 cm high x 20 cm diameter. £2950. Photo: Ester Segarra


Hanne Enemark 

"The key themes in my work are minimalistic simplicity and beauty..." Click to read more >> 

Above: Hanne Enemark, Alluvium, Free blown glass with cast glass component, £2450. Photo: Ester Segarra

Jochen Ott

"For this year at COLLECT I'm expanding on a body of work that has already been very successful for me. There is always more to get out of a certain theme - many artists spend their whole lives working on one theme alone and I am enjoying the further development of my series called Changes..." Click to read the full interview >> 

Above: Jochen Ott, Changes, Free blown glass, cut and etched, 23x12cm, £2600. Photo: Ester Segarra


Laura McKinley

Laura McKinley's Symbiosis series is a celebration of colour and shape - each piece balancing delicately as the light radiates through."My work can be viewed from many angles because there's no back or front. They are truly three dimensional, so the experience changes depending on your viewpoint..." Click to read the full interview >>

Above: Laura McKinley, Symbiosis, Free blown glass, cut and polished, H21cm x W20cm x D18cm, £1700 Photo: Ester Segarra


Layne Rowe

"I want people to see how intricate the work is, how much effort and skill has gone into making it. More importantly I want them to appreciate its validity and to realise that each piece is a complete one-off..." Click to read the full interview >> 

Above: Layne Rowe, Red Passarine Small Ovoid, 23cm H, £1200. Photo: Ester Segarra


Liam Reeves

"Working exclusively with blown glass, I utilise advanced techniques developed during the medium’s two millennia of rich history. I learn, practice and adapt these methods in order to explore themes and ideas informed by my own experience… An experience influenced in no small way by the evolution of technological progression..." Click to read more >> 

Above: Liam Reeves, Warp/Fade 009, W54cm x W23cm x D12cm. £2750. Photo Ester Segarra


Louis Thompson

"One of the most exciting and sought after glass artists working in Britain today..." Click to read more >>


Above: Louis Thompson, Archive of Elements and Orbitals, Free blown and hot sculpted glass with bespoke LED light box, £625 each, £18000 for the set of 20 with the light box


Peter Layton

"That magic moment when everything comes together is what it’s all about..." Click here to read the full interview >> 

Above: Peter Layton, Amber Glacier Stoneform, 37cm Tall, £3650. Photo: Ester Segarra


Sabrina Cant


"Sabrina’s work is inspired by Celestial bodies and the natural world..." Click to read more >> 

Above: Sabrina Cant, Cube, Separately cast glass sections polished and fused, 12cm x 12cm x 12cm, £4500, Photo: Ester Segarra


Sara Fell

London Glassblowing is delighted to be showing renowned jewellery maker / glass artist Sara Fell at COLLECT for the first time. The 'Precious integrations' series is a celebration of the 'high altar' of femininity and of the ritual beautification that forms the essence of the dressing table. 

Taking inspiration from the glass dressing table sets of the 1920's, Sara bestows a contemporary take on them by integrating hidden elements of jewellery such as rings and necklaces within each of her sets.


Tim Rawlinson 

"My work is all about the interplay of light with glass. Light excites glass and it’s that ever-changing interaction between the two that transforms my pieces throughout the day." Click here to read the full interview >>  

Above: Tim Rawlinson, Parallax, Free blown glass, cut and polished, £3200. Photo: Ester Segarra



Elliot Walker

"Elliot Walker is a true artist and one of an exceptionally select group of makers currently specialising in hot glass sculpture, a style of working famed for its technical complexity..." Click here to read more >> 

Above: Elliot Walker, Snails and Nails, Free blown and hot sculpted glass, £2300. Photo: Ester Segarra


Above: Peter Layton, Harlequin Stoneform, Free blown glass, 26cm Tall, £2800, Photo: Ester Segarra



London Glassblowing at COLLECT 2015: The Saatchi Gallery, Stand 9.1

8-11 May, 2015

Peter Layton & the London Glassblowing team are delighted to be showing at COLLECT for the third consecutive year.

London Glassblowing is widely considered one of the leading studios and galleries for contemporary British glass in the UK, representing new and emerging talent alongside leading names in the field. The artists featured in COLLECT have been selected for their fresh and challenging approach to the medium. The roster naturally includes work by artists of the highest regard, presented alongside the work of lesser-known artists on the road to success.

This year we have an outstanding new collaboration between Louis Thompson and Hanne Enemark, as well as showcasing the very best new work by our resident artists, including Layne Rowe, Bruce Marks, Jochen Ott, Cathryn Shilling, Anthony Scala and Tim Rawlinson. Peter Layton will be unveiling some of his latest creations and we are proud to be presenting work by renowned glass makers Sabrina Cant, Liam Reeves and jewellery specialist Sara Fell. Laura McKinley will also feature as a first time exhibitor at the Saatchi Gallery event.  



London Craft Week Demonstrations: 6-9 May

London Glassblowing will also be hosting demonstrations between 6th-9th of May as part of the inaugural London Craft Week. Attendance is free, and limited seating will be available on a first come basis. The artists will be working between the hours below, so pop by to learn more about their working practice.

Wednesday 6th: Layne Rowe and Elliot Walker between 10am - 4pm
Thursday 7th: Louis Thompson and Hanne Enemark between 10am - 4pm 
Friday 8th: Bruce Marks and Jochen Ott between 1pm - 4pm
Saturday 9th: Cathryn Shilling/Louis Thompson and Liam Reeves between 10am - 4pm

Click here to view more details on the London Craft Week website.


Planning Your Visits

Visiting the Saatchi Gallery:

COLLECT 2015, 8-11 May

Duke Of York's HQ, King's Road, London SW3 4RY

Nearest Tube: Sloane Square.


Visiting London Glassblowing:

GATHER, 24 April - 30 May

62-66 Bermondsey Street, SE1 3UD

0207 403 2800


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