Bruce Marks - COLLECT 2015 Artist Profile

There is nothing better than success. But repeating success is an altogether trickier prospect...

Bruce feels this more than most. His elegant Birds were one of the runaway hits of Collect 2014, selling out almost as soon as they hit the stand. So does this bring added pressure for this year’s collection?

“Absolutely,” Bruce nods. “Last year was incredible and was a huge validation of what I’ve been trying to achieve my whole life. Repeating that feat is going to be tough to say the least.”

Looking at Bruce’s new work, his worry is misplaced. Employing the Graal technique of overlaying colour and then cutting away to reveal the layers, his Birds collection oozes more energy and detail, while he will also unveil his new Fish collection to the Collect public.

Both showcase his trademark quality for form above all else.

“The reason they are called Birds and Fish is because it’s not about a specific breed, it’s the essence of the animal I’m trying to convey,” he says.

“I look at artists like Brancusi whose sculptures were the ultimate in simplicity and feel that approach resonates through my work. Yes, I’ve found a new freedom with colour and expression this year and hopefully that will bring a new audience to my work.”

Does he think he’ll be as successful this time round?

“Every artist feeds off compliments and the buzz of talking to strangers about their work. When they invest in you by buying something you’ve spent months and weeks working on then that’s difficult to beat.

“I have a lot more to offer this year and so I’m hoping people continue to like what I do, but it’s still a tough act to follow!”

- Interviewed in London, April 2015


Above: Bruce Marks, Fish, Free blown glass, carved and etched
Dimensions (approx): 40 cm tall (15.7 in)
GBP: £1450 / USD: $2210 / EUR: €2025 (Approx currency conversions)

Enquire about this piece:
 +44 (0) 207 403 2800 


 Above: Bruce Marks, Birds, (Blue and lime) Free blown glass, etched

Dimensions (approx): 39 cm tall (15.3 in)
Each: GBP: £850 / USD: $1297 / EUR: €1188 (Approx currency conversions)
Pair: GBP: £1600 / USD: $2441 / EUR: €2236 (Approx currency conversions) 

Enquire about this piece:
 +44 (0) 207 403 2800 



Above: Bruce at a London Glassblowing demo. 

Above: Bruce Marks, Fish, Free blown glass, carved and etched, 39cm tall, £1450 Photo: Ester Segarra


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