Anthony Scala - Exclusive COLLECT Artist Profile

There is a certain masochistic edge to Anthony Scala’s stunning works which entail weeks upon weeks of cutting, grinding and polishing. When planning for such a major show as Collect, it’s no wonder he begins to feel the heat in the weeks beforehand...

Although he combines hot-blown glass and cold working, for every hour spent at the glory hole he spends another 99 away from the furnace ensuring every detail is perfect.

“For a lot of glassblowers, cold working is their least favourite bit,” he explains. “It’s painstaking, onerous, meticulous and takes hours upon hours. Yet it’s much more than just cutting and grinding and my pieces for Collect will show people that there is so much more to this stage than meets the eye.”

Using high-grade optical glass, one of Anthony’s showpieces will be a dodecahedral shape with a matrix of bubbles inside he calls Dark Matter.

“I started my work back in October 2014 but no matter how much prep you do there is always an 11th hour panic which I do not like,” he reveals, smiling thinly.

“Concentration is such an important part and if you’re tired you run the risk of wrecking something just at the most critical phase. There are certain points during the process when you may be able to recover but it would be horrific to muck a piece up when you’ve spent six weeks getting it to that stage. No matter how crazy things are and how much work there is to do I have to plan to stop sometimes to avoid this. It takes a huge amount of discipline.”

With such intricate, beguiling sculptures on display, Anthony’s work has long drawn the crowds. So is he hoping for more of the same at this year’s Collect?

“You always hope that people like your work and I’ve had some really pleasing results from Collect in the past but it’s probably better to ask me after the show rather than before,” he laughs.

- Interviewed in London, April 2015


Above: Anthony Scala, Annulum, Optical Glass Sculpture

Dimensions (approx): 23 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm (9 in x 5.9 in x 3.9 in) 
GBP: £2500 / USD: $3808 / EUR: 3492 (Approx currency conversions)

Enquire about this piece:
 +44 (0) 207 403 2800 


Above: Anthony Scala, Dark Matter, Optical Glass and Blown Glass Sculpture on bespoke rotating base
Dimensions (approx): 18 cm W x 13 cm W x 13 cm D (7 in H x 5.1 in W x 5.1 in D)
GBP: £7,250 / USD: $11,055 / EUR: €10,130 (Approx currency conversions)

Enquire about this piece:
 +44 (0) 207 403 2800 




Above: A peek inside Anthony's kiln, pre-firing.


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