Who Are We?

Here at London Glassblowing we have been making the finest hand-crafted free-blown glass art for well over 35 years. The longest standing studio and gallery in the country, we exhibit and sell all around the world, but our home is Bermondsey Street, London SE1. 

Our founder, Peter Layton, is a world-renowned artist whose work can be found in Galleries and Museums such as the V&A in London. His belief in the medium of Glass as an artform has never wavered and his determination to develop and advance British Glass has been pivotal to making it the popular artform it is today.

Our studio and gallery are located on Bermondsey Street, a few minutes walk from London Bridge station, and is a beautiful open-plan artistic environment in which all are welcome to watch the artists at work while browsing our Gallery. Peter has always run his studio like a collective, what he calls 'an artistic hub' in which many of the UK's talented glass artists have worked and produced at some point in their career. Currently our incredible team is made up of a number of award winning artists; blowers such as Layne Rowe, Louis Thompson and Bruce Marks, and Glass Sculptors, Anthony Scala, Jochen Ott and Timothy Rawlinson. 



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